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Forum Policies

on Mon Apr 10, 2017 6:26 pm

Welcome to The Francesca forum. Anyone can read and search the forums, but you must be a registered member to post. By posting on this forum, you agree to observe the following guidelines.

If you have any problems registering, accessing the site or posting, please e-mail us at

General Etiquette

This is a moderated forum. We expect this forum to be a place where homeowners can feel comfortable asking questions and engaging in respectful discussions with neighbors on topics of importance to the Francesca community.

Just remember, discussions are about issues, not people. If you disagree with an idea, feel free to let the community know why. Open, respectful dialogue is encouraged. However, do not confuse ideas with the person posting them. Attacks on individuals, insults, name calling, trolling, baiting or other attempts to sow dissension are not acceptable.

If you feel that someone has violated the policies of this forum, do not respond in kind. Instead, please click the report button on the offending post. This is the quickest way to notify the site moderators. Also keep in mind that you can edit your own posts even after submitting them, so comments made in haste can be rephrased before the problem escalates or a moderator has to step in.

Should it become necessary, site moderators will delete offensive posts at their discretion. The individual, or individuals, involved in posting offensive content will receive a warning and be asked to review the forum guidelines. If an individual continues to violate the forum guidelines, he or she will be removed from active participation in the forum.
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